about us

Our Mission

Our mission is to help parents find the bliss in adversity while reclaiming the precious gift of parenthood. We want to empower all parents to understand that they have the power to redefine the future.

Our Core Beliefs

We believe that circumstances do not define who we are. However, the adversity we experience is a priceless and often underestimated form of interpersonal and social capital. 

What do we do?

Whether you are expecting your first child, growing a family, or wanting to expand your understanding, we can help you begin the healing journey. 
Through workshops and coaching sessions, we showcase the power of relationship-building techniques that truly work. 
Parenting is hard, but it does not have to be scary. You might be feeling overwhelmed and exhausted, but we have an incredible support system that we have been building just for you. 
Our team provides a safe and supportive community for parents throughout their healing, no matter what their journey looks like.
We assist parents who have experienced previous trauma or adversity to let go of the past and take charge of their futures.
We do this by helping parents to:
-Understand the effects of past conditioning on personality and parenting styles.

-Manage, understand, and renew expectations of various relationships and situations.

– Identify triggers while building resilience to everyday challenges.  

As a result of these steps, parents begin to achieve peace, while also minimising the risk of passing destructive intergenerational cycles on to their children. 

Working While Healing

Once clarity is obtained, there is the option to focus on the transition from the personal, to the commercial world through our ‘Working While Healing’ programs. These programs will deal with challenges such as imposter syndrome and hypervigilance.

At Healing While Parenting, we believe that people who have lived through trauma and/or adversity should be recognised, for both their resilience and skills.

Check-Point Foundation

Healing While Parenting has both private and NFP branches. The non-for-profit arm is currently in development. It will provide free training and support to the most vulnerable parents, at the most crucial life stages.

Once the NFP foundation is functioning, a portion of the sales from our founder’s book: Healing While Parenting-The Hardest Thing That You Will Ever Do, will be donated.